Addressable Multi-State Multi-Sensor Detector

Addressable Multi-State Multi-Sensor Detector


The DUT-6046 microprocessor based multi-sensor smoke and heat detector is designed to detect a visible smoke and a rise in temperature, which are indicative of an early stage of an open fire ignition. This detector is characterized by a significant resistance to air velocity and changes in air pressure. The application of a double smoke detecting systems (IR and UV) as well as a double heat detecting systems ensures increased resistance to false alarms, caused by e.g., water vapour and dust inside the measuring chamber, while maintaining small dimensions and high aesthetics of the product.

The DUT-6046 detectors can operate in lines/loops of all addressable POLON 4000 system fire alarm panels.

The DUT-6046 is a Tyndall effect based smoke detector equipped with two sensors (optical smoke and heat). Its operation is based on the measuring of infrared (IR) radiation scattered on smoke particles. The main element of the detector is an optical module, consisting of an electroluminescence diode emitting infrared (IR) radiation and a photodiode acting as the receiver of the radiation. The optical module is protected by a labyrinth, damping both external and direct light from the emitting diode. When smoke particles enter the optical module area, the infrared radiation scatters on smoke particles.

Part of this scattered radiation reaches the photodiode that generates an alarm signal. The heat sensors react to a rise of temperature during a fire. Information from the four sensors is subjected to advanced signal analysis by an appropriately programmed microprocessor, which estimates the status of a fire hazard.

Communication between the POLON 4000 system control panel and the DUT-6046 detector is carried out using addressable two-wire detector line/loops. A unique fully digital communication protocol enables to transfer any type of information from the control panel to the detector and from the detector to the control panel, e.g.: an estimation of environmental conditions (smoke, rise of temperature), changes of these factors and an analogue value of the temperature and smoke density.

The microprocessor, which controls the operation of the detector, sends all information about the detector faults to the control panel.

The DUT-6046 is an analogue detector with a digital selfregulating mechanism, which means that it maintains continuous sensitivity to progressing dirt build-up inside the measuring chamber. After a pre-set dirt build-up threshold is exceeded, the detector signals a fault mode denoting the necessity to undertake servicing and cleaning works.

The detectors are equipped with internal short circuit isolators, which isolate a properly operating part of the detection loop from the neighbouring damaged part. This enables continuous, undisrupted operation of the detector. The alarm status of the detector is signalled by a flashing red light of two LED diodes, placed on the opposite sides of detector's case. The indicator enables quick location of the alarm sending detector and is helpful during periodic testing of the detector. If the detector is installed in a partially obscured or a hard to reach place, connection of the WZ-31 additional optical alarm indicator is recommended.

A flashing yellow LED diode signals a fault and/or damage, a technical alarm, and activation of a short circuit isolator.

The DUT-6046 detector has four different operation modes, which enable the user to set the best parameters with respect to a specific environment:

mode 1 – interdependent operation of two smoke and two heat sensors,

mode 2 – interdependent operation of two smoke sensors,

mode 3 – operation as a heat detector in class A1R,

mode 4 – independent operation of two smoke and heat sensors.


Operation voltage 16,5 ÷ 24,6 V
Max. quiescent current < 150 µA
Number of operating variants4
Programming detector addressfrom the control panel level
Detectable test fires from TF1 up to TF9
Operation temperature from -25 oC to +50 oC
Dimensions (with base) Ø 115 x 61 mm
Mass 0,2 kg

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